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Released in 2009, this adventurous and unexpected album, recorded and mixed in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, features twelve original wordless songs, and a hungarian melody (Mori Shej, Sabina) that Sue couldn’t resist. 

“Cool, jazzy melodies twist with everything from calypso to funk and bluegrass...”   Arya Roerig, Volume One, 2009.



This album, released in 2007, was recorded live at the historic Mabel Tainter in Menomonie, Wisconsin.  Since none of the six tracks on the record contain vocals, all the “singing” on this album comes from Sue’s sax.


Fight the good fight

RELEASED IN 2013.  This new album brings you a nice mix of musical styles,  with joyful cartoon music, hard groovin' blues and with the title track, a somber yet hopeful prayer for victims of cancer.  In addition to the long time members of the Sue Orfield Band (Sue, Mike, Randy and Dave), Fight The Good Fight features The SOB Horns (Jayson Collins, Jeff Reitz, Barry Hitt and Tom Carlson) and keyboardist Mike Vlahakis.