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FROM THE FANS OF The Sue Orfield Band

this imaginative painting was created by a local artist,  Amy Wilder.  The original  was done in oils and  presented to  Brianna Schrader, the daughter of SOB drummer, Dave Schrader,  as a birthday present.

both AMy and Brianna have kindly agreed to let us use it on our website.  A large thank you to them.

                                                            Thank you for your votes

The Sue orfield band wants to thank all the fans that voted for the group in Volume 0ne’s  2011 Best of the chippewa Valley”. The band  placed second in the “best Jazz Band” category. A great big thank you to all of you!  A second thank you for your votes in 2010 which put SOB in second place in the “best original rock band” category. A third thank you for putting SOB in first place in the “best Jazz band” category in 2009.  Whichever category you choose we  deeply appreciate your votes of confidence.  Thank you!!!

                                     The Sue orfield Band,   by Amy Wilder